Broadcast and Recording Services
Middleburg Broadcasting Network provides a variety of services for broadcast including recording for jingles, voice-over and podcasting as well as live remotes.

Equipment available includes:

1 Mackie Designs 16-Channel Mic / Line Mixer
Gentner Multi-line Telephone System
Dell Dimension 4700 workstation with Adobe Audition
Marantz PMD570 flash recorder
Denon DN-C615 CD player
Tascam CC-222SL CD / tape recoreder
DBX 166A compressor / limiter
Symetrix 528E Voice Processor
2) Comrex Hotline Units (for remote broadcasts)
Micrboards CD duplicator
Hafler studio power amp
3) Sennheiser Model 421-U Studio Microphones
Electrovoice RE-20 Studio Microphone